Scott Francis

Two Sticks of Fury - 8 Years After

At the end of the show, people change, but they don't leave

In 2010, Virtual On Force was released for the Xbox 360, along with official twin sticks.

You were once the main attraction, but now that's in the past

That same year, Gundam Extreme Vs.(or alternately, Gundam EXVS) was released to arcades and PS3. As these three tweets illustrate: by adapting simplified movement controls from Dreamcast 3D games and perfecting team-play through the Cost system, it became the true Virtual On successor.

In 2017, Gundam VS was released to the US on PS4. And Senko no Ronde 2 is on Steam with VOOT characters as DLC.

When the streets are quiet, we'll walk out in the silence

Juro Watari is laughing all the way to the bank, and in the end the principles of Virtual On won the long-game.

...Even if we do have to put up with the monkey's-paw of A Certain Magical Virtual On.


To all the players of the "VIRTUAL-ON" series